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Independence without worries

You are an IT expert, and you have the sensation of being locked into a professional routine? Salaried employment does not suit you anymore? Take back the lead on your career and become independent with Anywr freelance.

More than 500 key accounts trust us

Anywr freelance guides you to become independent in all serenity

Create your profile online in complete security,

on your dedicated online space, describe your professional project, upload your CV, and if you are already self-employed: your KBIS, your certificate of vigilance, liability insurance, your bank details...

Our experts will contact you quickly

to get to know you and offer you projects in line with your expectations. Our missions have an average duration of 2 years, so that you don't have to worry about the future.

Our team prepares you for the interviews

You accept the mission? Don't panic, we will coach you for your different interviews with the client.

We manage all the administrative aspect

thanks to the documents you have already sent us in your dedicated space, we manage your contract, your invoices and we pay you within 10 days of the invoice date.

On your side, there are no fees

Of course, all our services are free for our freelancers, no commission is retained on your ADR.


Take back the lead on your career with peace of mind


A newfound freedom

Balance of life, teleworking, free management of your work schedule, welcome to independence. Career, commercial prospecting, administration, remuneration, Anywr freelance offers you a follow-up at each key stage of your new activity.


A coaching and a personalized follow-up

Are you new to the freelancing market? Don't panic, from the beginning to the end our team will follow you. Preparation for interviews, mission follow-up, skills development, our experts are there for you.


A simplified approach

Thanks to your online profile, you have a unique space dedicated to your freelance activity, application, mission follow-up, CV, Kbis, liability insurance, invoice. Your space is protected and allows you a follow-up of activity and a simplified administrative management.

Anywr freelance, our freelancers know it best

"Becoming a freelancer allowed me to meet my need for autonomy and flexibility. Anywr freelance guided me through the creative process and saved me time. "



Community Manager

When I started I already had the experience, but not necessarily the network! I wanted to be accompanied by a company where the human element is essential! Several contacts in my network suggested me Anywr freelance.



IT Projects Director

"I chose to be accompanied by Anywr freelance, because they were the fastest and most reactive! In one week I started an assignment with a large group in the Lille area"



Data Scientist

Make your life as a freelancer easier with our mobile application

From your anywr mobile app, you will be able to track your freelance assignments, receive alerts, access tips and articles, and be the first to know about new opportunities in France and abroad. You will also be able to access services and offers in our marketplace and many other new features to come.

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