Data scientist (GCP, Datafinder, Data Studio) H/F

Data scientist (GCP, Datafinder, Data Studio) H/F

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Data scientist (GCP, Datafinder, Data Studio) H/F


Our client, a major retail player in France, is currently looking for a data scientist to develop the reporting/animation of its permanent inventory.


Working with the business lines, he or she exploits, analyses and evaluates the wealth of structured or unstructured data, belonging to the company or not, to establish scenarios enabling the understanding and anticipation of future business or operational levers for the company

- Applies techniques (statistics, text mining, behavioural, geolocation, etc.) for extracting and analysing information obtained from data pools (Big Data)
- Obtains adequate data, finds the relevant data sources, makes recommendations on the databases to be consolidated, modified, repatriated, outsourced, internalised, designs data marts or even data warehouses.
- Evaluates the quality and richness of the data, analyses it and presents the results in order to integrate it into the business's target information system.
- Analyses data to translate a business problem into a mathematical/statistical problem and vice versa.
- Compares and evaluates different models or calculation methods and anticipates the advantages and disadvantages in a business environment.

- Predictive scenarios


The profile sought should :
The candidate will be responsible for the following tasks: - Using an existing Data Studio: understanding how it works (sources, queries, etc.), translating it into French and reviewing what we keep.
- We are looking for a person with the ability to work on new indicators that will allow for in-store animation: the rate of progress, the rate of treatment of alerts, new graphics.
- The person must have the ability to express the graphs and the data in the best possible way.
- The person must have the ability to carry out the numerous queries that will enable the indicators to be expressed in the Data Studio (using several data sources, Data Finder etc.).
In summary: understand the business need, carry out the different queries to meet the business need and express it in the data studio by choosing the best graph to express it.


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