Product Owner H/F

Product Owner H/F

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Product Owner H/F


Our end client is currently looking for a business product owner as part of the digital transformation of its legacy to the GCP Cloud (milestone end 2024)

The customer legacy has been in existence for 10 years and serves 25 BUs:
- The critical functional scope of the management of end-of-year rebates (EOR) which covers:
- simulation of supplier negotiations
- recording of supplier negotiations
- contractualisation
- facturation
- monitoring the figures
- our users are product managers, product assistants, performance leaders, accountants
- high percentage of the group's full-year margin
- security / confidentiality / reliability of data (financial figures)


- With the business/digital leaders, ensure that the end-to-end vision of the RFA management process is applied to the team, with the necessary pedagogy
- With the business / digital leaders, lead the feature team so that each iteration brings maximum value (on time / on budget / consistent with the business strategy)
- Contribute to the development of product roadmaps

- With the business / digital leaders, be the point of contact for customers to collect their needs and feedback
- Actively contribute to the team via the Scrum framework: sprint planning, daily, 3-Amigos, internal and public demos
- Decline the operational roadmap via the product backlog
- With the business/digital leaders, build and co-facilitate workshops with the product teams, our internal customers, suppliers, etc.
- In anticipation of or in response to business requests, define and formalise the business and operational needs of the product
- Write functional specifications by iteration
- Cutting features into US
- Identify priorities in a pragmatic way, taking into account inputs (business strategy, user feedback, technical projects)
- In collaboration with the TestLeader, ensure through testing that the corrections / evolutions made by the development team meet the user's needs

- Contribute to the construction and animation of training courses for the product's BU referents
- Follow up the product run: "you build it, you run it
- Measuring the use of deployed features in production to help prioritise
- In collaboration with the UX department and the business/digital leaders, collect and analyse user behaviour and feedback, with a view to continuous improvement
- In collaboration with the OnBoarding teams and the business and digital leaders, contribute to the deployment of the solution in the 25 Business Units


- You have successful experience in transforming or building a digital product, in an international context
- You are known for your ability to listen, your excellent interpersonal skills and your ability to bring people together
- Your ability to analyse and synthesise enables you to go into detail and to take a global view of your subjects
- You know how to challenge the needs and expectations of the business, while remaining a source of proposals
- You are able to formalise complex business processes and have strong writing skills
- You are known for your pragmatism (effort/value ratio)
- You are familiar with the User Centric approach
- You are a good teacher and able to explain business issues to your team and to the client's ecosystem
- You are used to working in an agile environment
- You have a good level of English


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