Fullstack developer (VueJS, NodeJS) M/F

Fullstack developer (VueJS, NodeJS) M/F

Job details

Fullstack developer (VueJS, NodeJS) M/F



Our client, a major player in the international retail industry, is looking for a fullstack developer to design and develop the new Front-end for in-store sales advisors in an international context.

The aim will be to personalise the sales advisor's experience and help them to better plan/organise their sales but also advise customers more quickly and efficiently.

The team is looking for a FullStack TechLead to design, develop and lead this new product/team.


The mission you will be entrusted with :
  • Configure the hardware infrastructure and operating system and the dependencies between the different software components to be used
  • Design, manipulate and query databases
  • Design the back-end code and APIs to access this data in the form of webservices, using languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, PHP;
  • Design the front-end code that is executed on the user's platform, most often a smartphone or web browser, in languages such as Javascript and its libraries, HTML, CSS;
  • Be able to manage and plan a project with agile development methods such as Scrum or Kanban, be able to interact with the client and their needs, and document all parts of the project.

Although often having an affinity or broader skills in one of the front or back layers, the full stack developer must be familiar with each.


Technical skills required:
- Front: VueJS
- Back: NodeJS
- Architecture: MicroFrontEnd based on an internal framework (Kobi)
- Knowledge of Cloud GCP environment is a real plus


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