Agile Coach (Finance sector) (F/M)

Agile Coach (Finance sector) (F/M)

Job details

Agile Coach (Finance sector) (F/M)


Our client specialized in the banking field is looking for a motivated agile coach to join them. You will be working with different levels of executives and operational teams in order to review, test and improve the general agile methodology applied in the company.

This client located in Brussels is looking for an active collaborator who can bring a new point of view to existing teams and review their processes in order to improve personal and team growth through all departments.

You're looking for a highly rewarding opportunity to do what you love while collaborating with one of the main finance solutions provider (banking, insurances...) in the world? This job's for you! 


As a Coach, your primary role is to help teams or target groups develop strong practices and adopt the right mindset for their work. This may involve spending time with the team or group to help them become proficient in a specific discipline, such as agile or lean. In addition to supporting individual teams, you will also work with other coaches to make improvements to our current model and to embed these changes in the organization. The ultimate goal is for the team or target group to become self-coaching and skilled in the discipline by the time you leave.

  • Helping teams and individuals understand, embrace, and apply the principles, practices, and philosophies of a specific discipline
  • Supporting the adoption and practice of a particular discipline through facilitation and guidance
  • Providing coaching and mentorship to help teams and individuals improve and grow
  • Offering specialized training and teaching to complement or supplement classroom instruction
  • Encouraging cross-organizational coaching, such as mutual coaching between teams or peer-to-peer coaching
  • Serving as an advocate and ambassador for change within the organization
  • Supporting the self-organization of teams and empowering them to take ownership of their work.


You will be expected to bring your knowledge and love of good practices / new methodologies in order to enhance global communications and collaboration between different teams and members.


  • Proven experience working in a complex organization for at least six years
  • A background as a trainer, with experience teaching and training others
  • A wealth of experience in coaching, with a track record of helping teams and individuals improve and grow.
  • Extensive experience with the specific discipline(s) for which they are providing support, such as agile methods
  • Fluent in English and at least a professional proficiency on both local languages (FR or DU)

Nice to have

  • A team player who is able to work well with others and support the success of the team as a whole
  • Communicative and able to effectively share information and ideas with others
  • Committed to knowledge sharing, with a willingness to share their expertise and experience with others.

Our client is proud to be offering a highly multicultural environment with an extended range of languages used. You will be working in a team of several nationalities with at least 2 languages being used on a daily basis.

Given the need for clear communication as the agilist and the location of the job being one of the most financially appealing areas in Europe, it is therefor required to be fluent in english, french and dutch. Any additional language will be appreciated as well.

As the newest member of the coach team, you’ll have to be proficient in at least two of the Belgian official languages (English, French and Dutch).

The position requires to come to the office at least thrice a week, you’ll be able to organize and work remotely two days a week at your convenience.

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