PMO - Functional Analyst

PMO - Functional Analyst

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PMO - Functional Analyst



Our client, a major player in the Energy sector, is currently looking for a PMO / Functional Analyst profile who will be attached to the IoT supervision, in an international context.


The service will be required to :
- To master the IRVE communication chain (network, telecom, hardware IS)
- To supervise the terminals of the dedicated perimeter via the tools made available,
- To take calls from users of the IRVE terminals via the dedicated line set up for this purpose.
available to users (working hours)
- Analyze incidents using the tools and data provided in order to :
o Be able to resolve them autonomously and/or direct partners for a quick and efficient resolution of incidents (remotely or on site)
o Leading continuous improvement actions after each incident in order to improve our tools and processes for detecting, analysing and handling incidents
- Indicators for monitoring the activity of hypervision and monitoring the performance of the chain
- Assist the project leader in the preparation and facilitation of
- Write the operating procedures for the actions to be carried out according to the malfunction observed
- Documenting all the reporting done with the data sources and the calculation formula.
- Identify and maintain contact persons


The consultant should have the following knowledge and skills
  • Network knowledge: internet, switching, routing, TCPIP, ZigBee, WIFI, telecom networks
  • An aptitude for analysing and resolving incidents in a context of multi-technical and multi-actor
  • Good interpersonal skills The need to have many interactions with stakeholders in the Various professions (need to adapt one's speech...),
  • Faculty of coordination,
  • Tenacious and persevering
  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to synthesise
  • Quality of writing
  • Ability to illustrate a technical point with a simple diagram
  • Ability to understand the job: it is necessary to understand the framework use of charging stations
  • Autonomies
  • Agile context All IS work with the AGILE method
  • Knowledge of business intelligence reporting is desirable
  • JIRA/Confluence: tool used in projects
  • Technical knowledge: hardware/telecom = world of the communication chain


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