Contract Manager

Contract Manager

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Contract Manager


Context :

As a key player in the IT Department and the IT Office Department, you will be responsible for monitoring the relationship between the IT Department and its ecosystem of suppliers (publishers, service providers): from the contractual implementation of the service to monitoring the execution of the contract until its termination.

You will participate in the management and leadership of the supplier governance committees under your responsibility in line with the negotiated commitments (compliance, SLA, evaluation of qualitative and quantitative performance of service providers, progress plan, etc.).


  • You participate in the coordination and implementation of the Purchasing policy within your area
  • You participate in the definition of the requirements for subcontracting IT services upstream of the consultation process, particularly in the contractual analysis of the specifications (risk management, legal security, definition of performance and governance, etc.)
  • You will participate in the negotiation of contracts in accordance with the company's standards and the budget
  • You monitor the proper application and efficiency of the requirements defined throughout the execution of the contracts, alerting you if necessary and managing events that may have an impact on the service (amendments, complaints, etc.)
  • You contribute to the optimisation of contracts, the quality of the services sourced and the associated costs
  • You will contribute to enriching and optimising the supplier relationship monitoring tools (dashboard, contract library, contractual models, etc.) and provide support to the ISD's operational teams
  • You are the main interface between the legal department, the purchasing department and the IT department teams


  • So obviously we prefer you to be open, proactive, educational, organised, rigorous and with a solid cross-functional aptitude, because this is what will enable you to carry out your mission to the full.
  • In your background, we would like to see significant experience as a Supplier Contract Manager, with a proven knowledge of the purchasing process, contracting and supplier relationship governance.
  • In addition, you have excellent interpersonal and writing skills, as well as a strong sense of service.
  • Knowledge of technical English is a plus.
  • Contract management skills should be prioritised over service delivery skills
  • The ability to understand, draft and negotiate contractual clauses is essential to the mission (in relation with the Legal Department)
  • The added value of the consultant must therefore be visible more upstream of the sourcing process than during the relationship management phase.