Technical Tester (M/F)

Technical Tester (M/F)

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Technical Tester (M/F)


To support our client, our Anywr freelance team is currently looking for a freelance Technical Tester.

If you are looking to join an international company in an IT department organised in product mode and where the agile method is the norm, you are in the right place!

For this assignment, you can telework at least 2 days a week and the premises are accessible by public transport.


As part of the project's patch development activity, we need a technical tester or a developer :

Directed by :

He/she carries out, maintains and tests his/her work autonomously with the occasional support of the technical Patch referent for developments and the functional Diagnostic referent (internal or client):

o respecting the Diagnostic,

o by respecting good practice and development standards ( PL/SQL ),

- analyses the logs and refines its development following the execution of the Patch

o by respecting the project commitments and quality processes, i.e. :

- formalises and executes its unit tests (CRTU),

- reports any shortcomings/inconsistencies identified in the Diagnostic to the functional referent or Patch referent,

- takes into account feedback from the reworks (Diagnostic Evolutions or anomaly in the Customer Verification phase),

o by respecting the deadlines (according to the client's KPIs) and the planned workload,

o by limiting the number of customer returns,


A technical tester or developer (PL/SQL and Shell skills): ideally from 4 years of experience

Major skills required:

PL/SQL / reading an MPD under Oracle / SQL Developer

Linux / Scripting (i.e. able to do Shell )

Ability to quickly increase competence on complex projects

Basics of Accounting


Still interested? Here's what our Anywr freelance team has to offer:

  • Long assignments that meet your expectations
  • Transparency on the application process
  • Advice and coaching during client meetings
  • Contract monitoring and mission review every 3 months
  • Administrative management and payment within 10 days of invoice date

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