Data Engineer (Data model) H/F

Data Engineer (Data model) H/F

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Data Engineer (Data model) H/F



Our client, a major player in the retail sector, is currently looking for a Data Engineer whose scope of work will be :
- all products in the domain,
- We are currently looking for a Data Engineer to work on all the products in the domain, with a priority on products related to repositories: People Repository, Job, Activity and Skill Repositories (MDM Semarchy), Tangram / Rapid, People Analytics.


The assignment will be as follows:
- Glossary / Business Data Dictionary (Collibra) :
? To propose and validate with the Business the definition of business terms in English, and technical terms when necessary,
? Ensure the coherence of the business semantics and the data dictionary / business glossary for the scope of intervention,
? Define the best practices for formalising the business glossary in interaction with the Head of Data and the other Data Architects,
? Ensure the quality of the content of the business glossary for the scope of intervention,

- Data dictionary and data lineage (Collibra & PowerDesigner) :
? Define best practices for formalising the data dictionary and data lineage,
? Propose and validate if possible data modelling patterns,
? Develop data models taking into account the constraints of IS scalability, validate them with the Business and Digital,
? Verify the correct implementation of the data model,

- Data quality:
? In relation with the Datasteward, be a driving force in the definition of the company's data quality rules and check their implementation,
? In relation with the Datasteward, to be a driving force in the evaluation of data quality,

- Data governance :
? Promote data governance (content, organisation, tools) with the Change Manager,

Required skills :
- Have a very strong experience in data modelling. Expert in relational data modelling / normal forms / Merise II, ... Know how to use a modelling tool like SAP PowerDesigner, the tool for Data Model,
- Have significant experience in setting up glossary / data dictionary vs semantic definition of business and technical terms. Know how to use a data catalogue such as Collibra, the tool for Data Catalog,
- Have significant experience in DATA projects/products, in projects/products with strong interconnectivity and in projects/products of the repository type (person, client, product, ...),
- Know how to set up an efficient follow-up of actions adapted to the technical and business context with the associated reporting,
- Know how to evolve in a new techno context, multi-actor, multi-BU and multi-team (Cloud, SAAS, DevOps, Continuous Integration, ...),
- Know how to take a step back,
- Have the necessary relational skills to evolve in a context of strong technical transformation,
- Be a driving force, a force of proposal, a solution provider, and a challenger,
- Perseverance,
- Know how to work in a team and like to help others.

Interacting professions :
- All architects: business architect, data architect, process / use case architect, Business Product Leader, Digital Product Leader

- Be the guarantor of the coherence of the data semantics / glossary(ies) used by the domain's products
- Ensure the consistency of the product data models and the global HR (sub)model


The profile sought must have the following technical skills:
Semantic - Confirmed - Imperative
Data model - Confirmed - Imperative
and have evolved in the following context:
- Multi Business Unit: 33 BU,
- Language of communication: English,
- Low HR Data maturity,
- Google Cloud Platform,


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