Scrum Master (Banking solutions) (M/F)

Scrum Master (Banking solutions) (M/F)

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Scrum Master (Banking solutions) (M/F)


Our client specialised in the banking field is looking for an experienced Scrum Master to join them. You will be working with a team as the agile expert who will be helping them in their work organization, communications and planning habits.

This client which is located in Brussels is looking for someone who will be able to onboard quickly and jump in several projects with a wild range of technical matters as well as very diverse teams in a global and worldwide environment.

You're looking for a highly rewarding opportunity to do what you love while collaborating with one of the main finance solutions provider (banking, insurances...) in the world? This job's for you!


The Scrum master will be responsible for facilitating the agile process within a team, working with the team to ensure that agile principles and good practices are being followed. This includes facilitating daily Scrum meetings, helping the team to identify and remove obstacles and working with the Product Owner to prioritize the team's work. The Scrum Master also acts as a coach and mentor for the team, helping team members to improve their knowledge of agility and become more effective in their roles. Additionally, the Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that the team is adhering to the Scrum framework and for helping the team to continuously improve its processes.

  • Facilitating Scrum ceremonies such as the Daily Stand-up, Sprint Review, Sprint Planning, and Retrospective, as well as other meetings
  • Coaching and challenging the team to improve and become more effective
  • Ensuring that the team follows the key steps of the Scrum methodology
  • Helping the team to overcome any obstacles that may arise in using the Scrum methodology
  • Providing support to the Product Owner in managing the Product Backlog
  • Serving as an ambassador of agile methods within the company


Team members are expected to be cross-functional and take on other roles and contribute to other disciplines when it helps the team reach the sprint goal. This means that team members may need to perform tasks outside of their primary discipline in order to support the team's overall efforts.

In order to be successful in this role, a Scrum Master should have:

  • A strong understanding of agile reporting and follow-up tools such as Jira
  • A deep understanding of software development methodology (Auto. unit testing, functional testing, continuous integration...)
  • A firm grasp of project management methodology (Scrum, Kanban...)
  • A relevant background (scrum, agile coaching, good practices of development...) of at least 10 years.
  • An experienced in techs/IT will also be valued since this job is in direct contact with the IT department.
  • The ability to represent the agile spirit with a positive attitude, empathy, excellent communication and a problem-solving mindset that can enable an environment open on feedback and best practices
  • Fluent in English and professional proficiency in both local languages (FR and DU).

Lastly, it's important to look further than the day-to-day objectives and enable actions aligned with the IT strategy.

Our client is proud to be offering a highly multicultural environment with an extended range of languages used. You will be working in a team of several nationalities with at least 2 languages being used on a daily basis.

Given the need for clear communication as the agilist and the location of the job being one of the most financially appealing areas in Europe, it is therefor required to be fluent in english, french and dutch. Any additional language will be appreciated as well.

You will be responsible for the tenure of communications in the project, it is required to come to the office at least half of the week. You can still work remotely 2 days a week.

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